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Credentials &

All Information Regarding Credentials

Is God calling you to full-time ministry?

1.  Seek counsel, prayer, and guidance from your pastor

2.  With the blessing of your pastor, obtain a local license from the church board

3.  Notify the district by having your pastor fill out this form.  This verification of credential history will be sent to your pastor and the District Office from the Global Ministry Center for the Church of the Nazarene

4.  Also, have your pastor fill out this
5.  Fill out
Registration of My Call to Ministry to be officially registered into the Course of Study

6.  You must hold a local minister's license for 1 year and be placed in Studies Level 2
(6 classes completed, including the Nazarene History and Polity Class and a Holiness Class)
before applying for a district minister's license

When you are ready to apply for your first district license:

7.  Fill out the
District License Application

8.  Register and attend the Ministry Assessment Center

9. Complete a federal background check (required your first year only)
Mail a copy of the background check to the district office

10.  Have your pastor and church board fill out the recommendation form (attached) and submit to
Terry Marta at

11.  Contact Bill Whetstone at to obtain a list of required classes for ordination. If you have a college transcript, have it sent to Bill Whetstone to see which classes will transfer to the District course of study.
(also attached to bottom of this page)

12.  Enroll in Nazarene Bible College (
or another Nazarene education program or email Terry Marta (
to enroll in the Joplin District Online School of Ministry in
order to begin completed the required classes. 

13.  Speak with your pastor about having an assigned staff position in the church in order to fulfill your years of experience.  This position can be paid or volunteer.

14.  You will be contacted by Kelly Klubek with a time to appear before the Credentials board and by Bill Whetstone with a time to appear before the Studies board scheduled for the fall of each year.

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