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High Impact Nazarene Network.


1. Relationships – We are a connectional movement 
Our first value is
relationships.  At the core of the High Impact Nazarene Network are friendships, accountability, and networking among churches with affinity, common interests, etc.  Many times these relationships cross district lines. We believe networked churches and pastors should gather in informal networks.  Networks are groups of 4-6 churches, led by a Network Leader who has selected an Apprentice Network Leader.  Just like we encourage never operating a group without an apprentice leader, we don’t want to operate a network without an Apprentice Leader.  These networks are relational, not organizational. We encourage networks to connect quarterly via video conference or phone. The suggested format is simple — conversationally structured around these 4 values: relationships, reproducing, resources and residencies. We encourage every church to establish a culture of “reproducing” in their thinking and ministry. Our first value is relationships!

Reproducing - It’s what we do 
Our second value is reproducing.  It's what we do.  If you’re committed to reproducing, the Nazarene Network is the place for you. Every High-Impact Nazarene church is committed to reproducing at every level of ministry through new ministries, multi-sites, church plants, etc.  We encourage this biblical reproducing model (2 Timothy 2:2) and suggest each church consider: a) Reproducing a leadership resident every year. b) Reproducing a CTM / multisite / “new work” every two years.  c) Reproduce leaders at every level.  We are committed to both micro and macro multiplication.  To assist you in these objectives, we help participating churches complete a Reproduction Plan (RP) and encourage you to share it with others within your network. Our second value is reproducing!

Resources – We EQUIP Churches Planting Churches
Our third value is resources.  To achieve the global vision of Jesus, we know we are better together — we can go further together!  This is why we collaborate with everyone we can. We share resources.  It’s not just about “me, myself, and I” but about “us, we and our.”  We encourage the sharing of everything, i.e. creative content, small group guides, message manuscripts, videos, knowledge and experience, best practices, leadership training materials and more!  We want to facilitate better communication among High Impact Churches and Partner Districts to start as many churches as we can, as fast as we can!  Our third value is resources! 

Residencies - The way we reproduce 
Our fourth value is residencies.  Because we are serious about High-Impact Church reproduction, we are serious about residencies.  Residency Programs are designed to help churches identify, recruit, train and send out campus pastors, church planters, etc. who have been mentored and trained.  A residency is a nine to 18-month apprenticeship with a Residency Church, after which the resident plants a new church, new campus, etc.  A LEADERSHIP RESIDENCY INCLUDES:  a) Apprenticing with a Campus Pastor/Lead Pastor at a Residency church,  b) Real time training in the fundamentals of leadership / ministry reproduction and c) Interaction with other reproducing planters / ministry leaders through Nazarene connection and resourcing.  Our fourth value is residencies. 

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