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The Joplin District NYI is making a major push to connect with College and Young Adults (Ages 18-30). We hope to begin a new chapter in networking and gathering with our Young Adults but need help tracking down the varying groups and ministries that are presently active. If you have a “College and Young Adult” group/ ministry in your church we would love to connect with the leader.

We’re looking forward to our Field Retreat at CTR this coming January.




The heart of Encuentro Missions is to empower and equip students and families to bring the life changing message of Jesus Christ to locations at home and abroad. We communicate that message through service projects and relational ministries. As an EncuentroU team member, you’ll play a vital role in leading our teams through this process. This isn’t a vacation. You will be involved in the fast paced, and sometimes unpredictable, life of missions, while being immersed in the culture of those communities. You will not return home the same as when you left. The people you meet, the love you share, and the things you see and do will stick with you for a lifetime. Your life and the lives of those you’ve served will forever be changed. EncuentroU is designed for post-high school young adults who want to make a meaningful difference in the world.

For more information contact:
Tony DeWeese:  |  417-720-6403
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